World Beat Rhythms: Beyond the Drum Circle – Africa
Maria Martinez and Ed Roscetti
$16.95 (book and CD)
Hal Leonard Corporation

Percussive Notes
Vol. 42, No.1. February 2004
This is a wonderful resource and performance guide all rolled into one.  Maria Martinez and Ed Roscetti explore some of the compositions and rhythms of the Ashanti people of Ghana as well as the people of the Central African Republic.  Particular musical idioms addressed include Akom (Ashanti religious dance and drumming music), Adowa) dance and drumming music associated with funerals of the Ashanti people) and the folk music of the Central African Republic. Included within each idiom are explanations regarding instrument choices, performance techniques, percussion scores, sample rhythm indexes, and accompanying audio examples on a companion CD.  Additionally, Martinez and Roscetti provide clear and concise performance instructions.  The rhythm indexes are extremely helpful, as are the pictures demonstrating performance techniques.

Lisa Rogers