World Beat Rhythms: Beyond the Drum Circle – Brazil 
Maria Martinez and Ed Roscetti
$16.95 (book and CD)
Hal Leonard Corporation

Percussive Notes
Vol. 42, No. 1. February 2004

Drummer/percussionists Maria Martinez and Ed Roscetti use the Brazilian samba baiao and the Olodum rhythmic style (from northeastern Brazil) as the basis for three “world beat” compositions that teach some traditional Brazilian rhythms on a host of different instruments.  As the title states, the book/CD package transcends just providing patterns for a drum circle; it may be used in many different ways. 

The authors start each section of the book with a “rhythmic index” that teaches the rhythms each instrument will play in a call-and-response format.  There is a picture, short history of each instrument, and rhythmic pattern for each instrument.  Instruments used in the songs include drumset, shakers, surdos, repiniques, triangle, agogo bells and agogo drum, caxixi, djembe, doumbek, snare drum, and klong yaw (a drum from Thailand).  Some of these instruments are not authentic Brazilian instruments, but may be use in a drum circle situation.

The study of each style culminates with a lengthy chart that often uses a half-time funk-inspired drumset part underneath traditional folkloric rhythmic patterns. The songs are usually repetitive, with groups of different instruments entering at different points in the song.  Each chart contains several unison “breaks” and some improvisational opportunities.  The accompanying CD contains musical examples of each rhythmic pattern and song (with and without drumset).

This book would be excellent for an individual who wanted to learn patterns on each instrument and wanted a play-along setting; as a play-along recording to practice soloing’ in a classroom setting with multiple players; or as material for a drum circle.  Composers might find this useful as well.

Terry O’Mahoney